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Our Mission

Always remain passionate about journeying with travellers (not tourists) and keep focused on sustainable travel with genuine and respectful adherence to local customs & traditions. Strive to provide  the ultimate experience to our guests through unmatchable service and always exceeding their expectations.


Adhiraj – Founder

Extraordinary Experiences

Blacktop & Beyond offers niche adventure experiences that start where the blacktop ends – we are seriously passionate about adventure, travel and everything off-the-road! We specialize in crafting self-drive, overlanding expeditions to remote locations in the Himalayas & Northeast India. Well maintained 4×4 vehicles are provided to small groups of motoring enthusiasts seeking to challenge their limits or expand their driving horizons. 

We also offer some of the best luxury trekking in the Eastern Himalayas for both beginners and experienced trekkers. 

Our Vision

Create a tribe of happy travellers who seek adventure beyond the blacktop. 

Self Drive

You can choose to drive our 4x4 vehicles. An adventure you won't forget.

Professional Adventurers

With a decade of experience, we are prepared for what it may be!!


We take care of your comfort and meticulously plan each trip.

Unique Routes

Our routes are well planned and covers things you want to see and things unseen !

Awesome Camps

We camp at places where the views are breath taking for all your insta moments.

Meet the team



Better known as UBS (his initials, in case you were wondering) by the Jeeping community, he is an authority on Jeeps and 4×4 driving and has a collection of more than 80 carefully collected and maintained vintage Jeeps. He is also our Spotter, which in simple terms is an off-roading buddy who helps guide the driver through tricky driving situations and gives vital feedback needed to adjust driving lines or techniques. There’s nothing simple about UBS and his role in Blacktop & Beyond, though. His priceless insights and in-depth knowledge of vehicles & extensive network throughout India allows us access to a vast pool of resources, 4x4s and local support. In turn, this allows us to go beyond the expectations of our customers in a way that would make UBS gleam with pride.



Jeeps run in his blood. The son of Jeeping royalty, Mr. Uday Bhan Singh, Adhiraaj has been surrounded by engines and grease monkeys since before he could walk. And while other boys were riding bicycles, Adhiraaj was cutting his teeth behind the wheel of a Jeep. His natural instincts as a driver and early exposure make him an expert in 4WD vehicles in general and Jeeps in particular. 

His wanderlust and love of the outdoors took him down a career path in sports management, gaining a broad range of experience in sponsorship sales, negotiations, procurement of endorsements and media relations for top Indian athletes. Adhiraaj has worked with the biggest names in Indian sports, implemented successful activations and built authentic brand profiles.

After quitting his corporate career and traveling the world, Adhiraaj returned to Kolkata to fuel his father’s passion for restoring WWII Jeeps. With a collection of over 80 vintage Jeeps to refurbish and maintain, this became a full time job. However, the open road still beckoned and this led to the creation of Blacktop &Beyond. Well-travelled, domestically & internationally, Adhiraaj is acutely aware of the necessities of leisure and adventure travellers. With incredible experience of cross-country driving and trekking, Adhiraaj also has expertise in crisis management. His sense of adventure, intimate knowledge of the region and connect with the locals of the Himalayas & Northeast India make him the ideal leader for your adventure.